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Sleep Education for Pulmonary Fellows and Practitioners

Questions about sleep and chronobiology appear in standardized tests throughout medical training. Many pulmonary and general medicine patients have co-existing sleep disorders. Therefore, understanding the basic management of sleep disordered breathing and other non-respiratory sleep disorders are recognized as essential knowledge domains for independent assessment for accreditations and competency in medicine in general and pulmonary medicine specifically.

The educational products included here will not only be useful for pulmonary/critical care fellows, but have widespread appeal for pulmonary practitioners without formal training in sleep medicine (who usually treat many patients with sleep disorders), respiratory therapists, and nurses who often take care of patients with sleep disorders in the inpatient and outpatient settings. Additionally, although the resources are designed with ABIM requirements for pulmonary fellowships in United States in mind, the content will be valuable for respirology fellows and practitioners around the world.

Two versions of each module are provided. A "self-learning" version as PowerPoint and PDF, includes case details and discussion questions. A "Facilitator" version of the same case includes objectives, summary answers to questions, and references for further reading.  Fellows and practitioners who are using the cases for self-study are encouraged to use the “student version” first and attempt to develop their own objectives and answers prior to looking at the "Facilitator" version.

While CME credits cannot be offered for this resource, you will have the opportunity to download a certificate of completion once you complete the online survey.  The online survey will allow us to improve future modules offered and will help to identify the learning gaps.

ATS SRN Committee Members for the Sleep Education for Pulmonary Fellows and Practitioners:

Shirin Shafazand, MD, MS, Chair

Martha E. Billings, MD MSc
Margaret-Ann Carno PhD, CPNP, D,ABSM
Sharon De Cruz, MD
Vidya Krishnan, MD
Sutapa Mukherjee, MD
David Schulman, MD
Neomi Shah, MD
Kingman Strohl, MD
Tisha Wang, MD