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Ethics and Conflict of Interest

The ATS Ethics and Conflict of Interest Committee recommends to the Board of Directors policies for addressing biomedical ethical issues as well as organizational ethical issues, including conflicts of interest. Its goal is to ensure that the ATS is ethical in conduct and effective in advocacy on ethical issues important to the patients we serve. The Committee monitors relevant policies of other societies and reviews recommendations from healthcare experts, ethicists, and other resources to maintain the professional standing and integrity of the Society in all of its affairs. In addition, it serves as a resource to review issues of ethics and conflict of interest for the ATS and advises the ATS President, Executive Committee, assemblies and other relevant committees on rapidly emerging issues related to biomedical and organizational ethics, including conflict of interest.

See the following links for resources developed by the ATS and select non-ATS organizations to assist members and others in addressing matters of biomedical ethics and upholding high standards of professionalism and ethical conduct in carrying out the work of the Society.