Drug/Device Discovery and Development Committee

Chair Courtney Crim, MD, ATSF Raleigh, NC
Vice Chair Heidi M. Mansour, PhD, RPh Port St. Lucie, FL
Committee Member Asha N. Chesnutt, MD Portland, OR
Committee Member Benjamin Ortiz, MD, FAAP Haworth, NJ
Committee Member Chantal Darquenne, PhD La Jolla, CA
Committee Member Gregory B. Diette, MD Baltimore, MD
Committee Member Herson I. Quinones, PhD Downingtown, PA
Committee Member Jason P. Kirkness, PhD, ATSF Woodland Hills, CA
Committee Member Jason J. Rose, MD, MBA Pittsburgh, PA
Committee Member Joshua P. Fessel, MD, PhD Bethesda, MD
Committee Member Kathryn A. Hibbert, MD Boston, MA
Committee Member Kingman P. Strohl, MD Cleveland, OH
Committee Member Michelle Eakin, PhD Baltimore, MD
Committee Member Neeraj Vij, MS, PhD, ATSF Baltimore, MD
Committee Member Nina M. Patel, MD, BMedSci New York, NY
Committee Member Sean Agbor, MD, PhD Bethesda, MD
Committee Member Sydney B. Montesi, MD Boston, MA
Committee Member - PAR Representative Tonya Winders, MBA Vienna, VA
Staff Vlada K. O'Hara New York, NY
Staff Dayna Howell New York, NY
Staff Michelle Turenne New York, NY

This committee provides a forum within the Society that focuses on identifying and instilling principles of translational and clinical science specific to the discovery and development of new drugs and devices relevant to the American Thoracic Society mission. The committee takes a multifaceted and collaborative approach to supporting the development of innovative therapies for those with respiratory diseases, critical illness and sleep disorders. It will provide the Society with the strategies and specific methods to distribute knowledge surrounding the discovery and development of new drugs and devices, which relates to the art and principles of translational research to its members. Additionally, the committee will serve as an ad hoc resource to the ATS Committee on Ethics and Conflict of Interest and the ATS Education Committee. The goal is to enhance collaboration among all scientists and advance all science, regardless of genesis or financial support.

Benchmarks, 2022-2023:
• Re-launch the Respiratory Innovation Summit as a complementary program to the International Conference, serving as a platform for collaboration across industry, academia and governmental stakeholders and focusing on accelerating innovation for those with respiratory diseases, critical illness and sleep disorders. The DDDD will take the lead, in a collaborative fashion that addresses multiple ATS stakeholders, in re-launching this program in 2021-2022. The format will aim to support innovation in drug and device development for those with respiratory, sleep and critical illness – aligning leading companies, clinicians, academics, and investors in respiratory, critical care and sleep domains.
• Develop and implement educational and collaborative programs for the ATS International Conference, stand-alone content utilizing webinars and podcasts, and convening conferences in a manner that enhances inclusion and collaboration between industry, university and governmental members of the ATS, large pharma and biotech sectors.
• Continue the annual BEAR Cage competition seeking mechanisms of program growth, increased visibility, and further engagement from senior leaders within the Society in order to support the next generation of ATS scientists and leaders.
• Continue efforts at publication in the AJRCCM, specific to highlighting innovative advancements in therapeutics, devices and other public health/policy issues relevant to the ATS community, with ties to the fundamental goals of the Bear Cage and in support of the RIS.
• Consider publishing in Research News Quarterly or ATS Scholar increase visibility.
• Continue collaboration with MITT, Training committee and others to identify novel opportunities for junior members, ensuring that engagement evolves to create greater knowledge and awareness of innovation, entrepreneurship and translational sciences as well as career opportunities in industry.
• Nominate a diverse slate of candidates for ATS Respiratory Health Awards.