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05-29-24 - Novel Tobacco Products Pose a Danger to Young People

05-06-24 - Asthma Education is Key to Reducing Deaths Worldwide, Say Respiratory Health Associations

05-01-24 - American Thoracic Society Receives $400,000 from A. Sonia Buist - Highest Lifetime Donor in ATS History

04-23-24 - 2024 Respiratory Health Awards Announced

03-19-24 - Break the Chain of Transmission to End Tuberculosis - World TB Day 2024

02-07-24 - ATS Applauds EPA Protective Standard on Particulate Matter Pollution

11-27-23 - Eradicating HIV Will Take Collaborative Action and a Commitment to Curb TB Infections

11-13-23 - Breathing is Life – Act Earlier: World COPD Day 2023

11-10-23 - Urgent Need for Increased Global Access to Effective Prevention and Treatment of Pneumonia

11-01-23 - Wildfires Impact Health Across All Regions of U.S. According to "Health of the Air" Report

09-21-23 - Leave No One Behind:  FIRS Calls for Equitable Access to Prevention and Treatment on World Lung Day 2023

09-19-23 - Five New Health Systems Partner with American Thoracic Society on Vaccine Initiative

09-05-23 - Experts Propose New Global Definition of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

08-22-23 - Lung Disease Physicians and Researchers Disappointed by Environmental Protection Agency's Slow-Motion Action to Curbe Smog Ozone Air Pollution

08-15-23 - Pulmonary Rehabilitation Earns Strong Recommendation in New Clinical Practice Guideline

07-28-23 - Respiratory Groups Stress Lung Cancer Risks and Importance of Early Screening and Treatment for World Lung Cancer Day

06-29-23 - International Lung Health Organizations Join to Raise Awareness for Bronchiectasis

06-23-23 - Race-Neutral Testing Could Have Given Access to Life-Saving Lung Transplants for More Black Patients

05-30-23 - FIRS Calls for Action to Prevent Young People from Taking Up Smoking

05-02-23 - On World Asthma Day Respiratory Health Associations Call for Asthma Care for All

03-27-23 - ATS Publishes Official Statement on Race, Ethnicity and Pulmonary Function Test Interpretation

03-23-23 - On World TB Day, International Lung Health Organizations Advise "We Must Find and Treat Everyone with TB, to End TB"

03-02-23 - 2023 GOLD Report Proposes a New Definition of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

01-17-23 - Improving Adult Immunization Rates Focus of Partnership Between ATS and Three Health Systems Across U.S.


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