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OSA and length of apneas

Press Releases from the ATS

10-11-19 - CF Patients Experience Improved Lung Health with Lumacaftor-Ivacaftor, But with Caveats

10-02-19 - Some ICU Admissions May Be Preventable, Saving Money and Improving Care

10-01-19 - ATS/IDSA Publishes Clinical Guideline on Community Acquired Pneumonia

09-30-19 - Women with Asthma Appear More Likely to Have Lower Levels of Testosterone

09-23-19 - World Lung Day 2019: Respiratory Groups Unite to Call for Healthy Lungs for All

09-13-19 - More Severe OSA Leads to Higher Blood Pressure in Patients with Resistant Hypertension

09-05-19 - ATS Applauds Governor Whitmer's Action on Flavored E-cigs and Urges FDA to Take Immediate Action

09-03-19 - New ATS Clinical Practice Guideline: Diagnosing Fungal Infections

08-09-19 - Oral Appliances May Be Highly Effective in Treating a Type of Sleep Apnea

08-01-19 - ATS Publishes New Clinical Practice Guideline on Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome

07-31-19 - World Lung Cancer Day 2019:  Respiratory Groups Raise Awareness about Lung Cancer Risks, Screenign and Treatment

07-19-19 - Ivacaftor May Reduce Common Infections in Patients with CF

07-15-19 - ATS Celebrates Court-Established Deadlines for E-cigarettes and Cigars Regulation

07-15-19 - COPD/Sleep Apnea Overlap Syndrome Researcher Awarded $100,000 Grant from ResMed, ATS Foundation

07-01-19 - Uncontrolled Asthma Over Next 20 Years Likely to Add $300 Billion to U.S. Health Care Bill

06-05-19 - ATS Concerned by Trump Administration Action Halting NIH Fetal Tissue Intramural Research

05-31-19 - Occupational Hazards Account for More Than One in Ten People with Range of Lung Diseases

05-31-19 - World No Tobacco Day 2019: Respiratory Groups Call for Stronger Implementation of WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

05-03-19 - Azythromycin Appears to Reduce Treatment Failure in Severe, Acute COPD Exacerbations

05-03-19 - Forum of International Respiratory Societies Calls on Health Care Providers Worldwide to STOP for Asthma

04-19-19 - Video Plus Brochure Helps Patients Make Lung Cancer Scan Decision

04-12-19 - Diesel Exhaust Filtered of Its Tiny Particles May Worsen Allergy-Induced Lung Impairment

04-08-19 - ATS Foundation/Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc Research Fellowship in IPF Awarded

04-04-19 - ATS Foundation/Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals Research Fellowship in Sarcoidosis Awarded

04-01-19 - STEMCELL Technologies Scholarships to Be Presented at ATS 2019 International Conference

03-29-19 - Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids May Play Opposite Roles in Childhood Asthma

03-19-19 - Acceleration of UN High-Level Meeeting Commitments on TB Focus of International Respiratory Societies

03-15-19 - Short-term Exposure to Common Air Pollutants May Increase Asthma Deaths

03-01-19 - Novel Sleep Index, Wakefulness May Predict if Patients Able to Breathe on Their Own

02-15-19 - OSA Patients with Excessive Daytime Sleepiness at Greatest Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

02-08-19 - Puerto Rican Children Less Likely than Mexican Americans to Use Asthma Inhalers

02-01-19 - Early Administration of Epinephrine May Stabilize Shock Faster in Patients with Sepsis and Low Blood Pressure

02-01-19 - ATS Publishes New Clinical Guidelines on Home Oxygen Therapy in Children

01-25-19 - Fish Oil Does Not Appear to Improve Asthma Control in Teens, Young Adults

01-17-19 - Air Pollution Increases ER Visits for Breathing Problems; Rate Depends on Age, Pollutant and Lung Disease

01-15-19 - Air Pollution May Increase Risk of Sleep Apnea

12-10-18 - ATS Report Finds Urgent Problem with Supplemental Oxygen Services

12-10-18 - Health Experts Call on EPA to Reverse Decision to Eliminate Pollutant-Specific Panels

12-07-18 - Vitamin C May Reduce Harm to Infants' Lungs Caused by Smoking During Pregnancy

11-30-18 - On World AIDS Day, FIRS Highlights Link Between HIV and TB

11-26-18 - Lung Disease in Middle Age May Be a Risk Factor for Dementia Later in Life

11-19-18 - Surveyed Pulmonologists Reported Wanting More Info on Inhalation Devices for COPD; Value Small-Volume Nebulizers in Personalized COPD Care

11-15-18 - An Overdue First Step; Immediate Follow-up Needed

11-12-18 - ATS Opposes FDA Decision to Approve Over-the-Counter Epinephrine for the Treatment of Asthma

11-12-18 - Disaster Guidance: 10 Tips for Staying Healthy During Wildfires

11-09-18 - Hypertonic Saline May Help Babies with Cystic Fibrosis Breathe Better

11-02-18 - COPD More Prevalaent in Poor, Rural Areas of U.S. Regardless of Smoking Status

11-01-18 - New Website Aims to Save Lives by Helping Institutions Launch Lung Cancer Screening

10-19-18 - Length of Each Breathing Disruption in Sleep Apnea May Predict Mortality Risk Better than Number of Disruptions

10-12-18 - Benzodiazepines in Patients with COPD and PTSD May Increase Suicide Risk

10-01-18 - New Guideline Recommends Minimally Invasive Ways of Treating Malignant Pleural Effusions

09-28-18 - Kidney Disease Biomarker May Be a Marker for COPD

09-21-18 - Cooking with Wood or Coal is Linked to Increased Risk of Respiratory Illness and Death

09-18-18 - WHO TB Report Sets the Stage for Historic U.N. Meeting

09-07-18 - ATS Supports Bipartisan Senate Effort Urging USG Leadership Ahead of Historic UN TB Meeting

09-07-18 - NYS Sepsis Reporting Mandate Appears to Improve Care, Reduce Deaths

08-31-18 - New Guideline Aids in Diagnosing Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

08-22-18 - Climate Change: Urgent Need, Inadequate Response

08-17-18 - Coal Miners at Growing Risk of Developing Debilitating, Deadly Lung Fibrosis

08-10-18 - More Than 40 Percent of Women with Asthma May Develop COPD, But Risk May Be Reduced

08-03-18 - ATS Takes Issue with EPA's Latest Action Against Clean Air

08-01-18 - Forum of International Respiratory Societies Commemorates and Supports Those Impacted by Lung Cancer

07-27-18 - Cannabis Does Not Improve Breathlessness During Exercise in Patients with Advanced COPD

07-24-18 - Tobacco Regulation Advocates Get Support From Medical Professional Organizations in Court Filing

07-20-18 - Supplemental Oxygen Eliminates Morning Blood Pressure Rise in Sleep Apnea Patients Following CPAP Withdrawal

06-29-18 - Higher Doses of Rifampin Appear More Effective in Fighting TB Without Increasing Risk of Adverse Events

06-22-18 - Inhaled Nitric Oxide May Reduce Kidney Complications from Heart Surgery Requiring Cardiopulmonary Bypass

06-15-18 - New ATS Guideline Aids in Diagnosing Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia

06-04-18 - Low Neighborhood "Walkability" Linked with Childhood Asthma

06-01-18 - Immunocompromised Patients with Sepsis May Face Higher Mortality at Hospitals Treating Small Numbers of Such Patients

05-30-18 - Respiratory Societies Warn About E-Cigarette Use in Youth; World No Tobacco Day, May 31, 2018

05-22-18 - Endobronchial Valves Continue to Improve Lung Function, Exercise Tolerance and Quality of Life in Those with Severe Emphysema a Year After Treatment

05-22-18 - New Lung Cancer Screening Implementation Guide Supports Adoption, Expanded Availability of Lifesaving Screening...

04-24-18 - ATS Foundation and ResMed Announce Two-Year Research Grant in Sleep-disordered Breathing

04-11-18 - ATS Foundation Announces Insmed Research Award in Non-tuberculous Mycobacteria Lung Disease

04-06-18 - New Blood Test Found to Predict Onset of TB Up to Two Years in Advance

03-30-18 - New Research Award by Fisher & Paykel Healthcare to Benefit COPD Patients

03-20-18 - FIRS Calls on Governments for Political Commitment and Action to End TB

03-14-18 - Karen Collishaw to Join ATS as Next Executive Director

03-02-18 - Sedative May Prevent Delirium in the ICU

02-16-18 - Women Who Clean at Home or Work Face Increased Lung Function Decline

02-15-18 - ATS President Clarifies the Society's Position on the "Foundation for a Smoke-Free World"

02-12-18 - ATS Foundation/ResMed Research Fellowship Awardee Named

02-08-18 - Thousands of Lives Would Be Saved If Counties Met ATS Clean Air Standards

02-05-18 - Northwestern University Researcher Announced as ATS Foundation/Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals Research Fellowship in Sarcoidosis Awardee

01-25-18 - Study Shows a Potential New Approach to Opioid Crisis

01-23-18 - ATS Expert Available:  National Academy of Sciences Report on Health Effects of E-cigarettes

01-12-18 - Asthma Costs the U.S. Economy More than $80 Billion Per Year

12-20-17 - Smoking Cessation Drug May Increase Risk of Adverse Cardiovascular Event

12-18-17 - Coarse Particulate Matter May Increase Asthma Risk

12-11-17 - 10 Tips for Staying Healthy During Wildfires:  ATS Recommendations

12-08-17 - Consuming Sugary Drinks During Pregnancy May Increase Asthma Risk in Mid-Childhood

12-04-17 - EPA's Failure to Name Ozone Non-Designation Areas Harms Patients; ATS Files Suit

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