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Each year, more than 9.6 million new cases of tuberculosis are diagnosed and more than 1.5 million TB-related deaths occur globally. Since the Society was established as the American Sanatorium Association in 1905, the ATS has been the leading physician organization dedicated to the elimination of tuberculosis worldwide.

In addition to contributions to TB control through research and clinical practice guidelines, the ATS actively advocates for U.S. and international funding to control TB around the world. Learn more about ATS’s TB-related advocacy efforts:

tb breifing photo

Speakers at the 2019 World TB Day Congressional Briefing
Right to Left: Philip A. LoBue, M.D., Director, CDC Div. of TB Elimination; Julie Higashi, M.D., Ph.D., Director, Tuberculosis Control Program, Los Angeles Co.; Kristine Steward-East, Mother of Child TB Survivor; Jackson East, TB Survicor; Cheri Vincent, Tuberculosis Division Chief, USAID