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Assembly Working Groups

Assemblies can choose to form working groups under the purview and approval of the current Assembly Chair. Working groups should include a minimum of five assembly members, but be no larger than twelve. Working groups have a maximum two-year term. Working Groups must complete their goals within the two-year term and cannot be renewed after goals are completed.

Working Groups may be utilized to meet the following goals:

  • Facilitate effective collaboration between Assembly Executive Committees and Assembly Members in a particular
    area within the Assembly;
  • To gain knowledge in a specific topic area under an Assembly;
  • Identify learning gaps in specific disease categories; and
  • Assess assembly membership needs.

Working Groups should not be created if the main objectives of the group are to:

  • Develop an official ATS statement
  • Program sessions at the conference
  • Plan networking events

These are the functions of both the Planning and Program Committees of the Assemblies and those committees must be utilized.

Current Assembly Working Groups

Allergy Immunology & Inflammation

AII Early Career Professionals Working Group
Dr. Jehan Alladina, MD
Dr. Richard Paul Ramonell, MD

Behavioral Science and Health Services Research

BSHSR Early Career Professionals Working Group
Dr. Andrew J. Admon, MD, MPH, MS
Dr. Dustin Krutsinger, MD, MSCE, ATSF
Dr. Kari R Gillmeyer, MD, MSc

Clinical Problems

CP Women's Working Group
Dr. Rama El-Yafawi, MD

Critical Care

CC Early Career Professionals Working Group
Dr. Nandita R. Nadig, MD, MSci, ATSF
Dr. Rachel Kohn, MD, MSCE

Environmental, Occupational and Population Health

EOPH Early Career Professionals Working Group
Dr. Crystal M North, MD, MPH


PEDS Early Career Professionals Working Group
Dr. Seyni Gueye-Ndiaye, MD

Pulmonary Circulation

PC Early Career Working Group
Dr. Justin K Lui, MD, MS

Respiratory Structure & Function

RSF Early Career Professionals Working Group
Dr. Sergey S. Gutor, MD, PhD

Thoracic Oncology

TO Early Career Professional Working Group
Dr. Matthew Triplette, MD, MPH
Dr. Roger Y. Kim, MD, MSCE