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The Assemblies Annual Agenda

Throughout the year, the assemblies have several programs and activities that they provide for their memberships. In order to help our members keep track of all the upcoming important timelines throughout the year, we've created an Assemblies Annual Agenda. With a quick glance, members can now see all the upcoming events for any particular month of the year.


  • Assembly Awards – Call for Nominations
  • Assembly Apprenticeship Program - Launches
  • Assembly Mentoring Program Launches
  • Assembly Teaching Competition Launches
  • Medical Education Research Grant Full Application Opens
  • New Interest Group Application - Application Deadline
  • Grover Conference – Call for Topics (Bi-annual)


  • Assembly Leadership Elections – Voting Deadline
  • Section Leadership Elections – Call for Nominations
  • Assembly Mentorship Program- Launches
  • Assembly Apprenticeship Program - Application Deadline


  • Assembly Awards - Nomination Deadline
  • Section Leadership Elections – Voting Goes Live
  • Assembly Mentorship Program- Application Deadline
  • Assembly Teaching Competition Deadline
  • Medical Education Research Grant Full Application Deadline
  • Grover Conference – Deadline to Submit Call for Topics (Bi-annual)


  • ATS ASPIRE Program Application Deadline
  • Assembly Newsletters sent out to all members


  • International Conference
  • New Assembly Leaders begin their term
  • Section Leadership Elections – Voting Deadline 


  • PRS Application Process Launches
  • Grover Conference – Registration Opens (Bi-annual)


  • PRS Application Deadline
  • Assembly Leadership Elections – Call for Nominations
  • Grover Conference - Registration Deadline (Bi-annual)


  • Assembly Leadership Elections - Deadline to Submit Nominations


  • Project Review Subcommittee (PRS) - face to face meeting
  • ATS Leadership Summit/ Assemblies Chairs Forum
  • Grover Conference in Sedalia, Colorado


  • ATS Finance Committee Meets to review Assembly projects


  • ATS Foundation – Assembly Challenge Launches
  • Assembly Apprenticeship Program Launches


  • Assembly Leadership Elections - Voting Goes Live
  • Assembly Challenge Concludes