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Enid R. Neptune, MD, ATSF
Assembly Chair
Enid R. Neptune, MD, ATSF


Welcome to the ATS Assembly on Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology (RCMB)! The RCMB Assembly is home for MD and Ph.D. researchers as well as trainees from all over the world engaged in basic and translational lung biology research. We strive to provide a unique “grassroots” forum focusing both on cutting edge, high impact research that contributes to the understanding and treatment of lung diseases and on the creation of a supportive and fun community of peers.

The research interests and topics of interest to most RCMB members include fibroblast and epithelial cell phenotypes and function, extracellular matrix biology and tissue remodeling, stem cell biology, and regenerative medicine. We support and foster research in lung development, chronic lung disease, and aging. Research by RCMB members further is at the forefront of novel technologies and research approaches and methodologies.

The RCMB Assembly serves as a vibrant hub for the intellectual and social interactions that enhance the respiratory science community. We are committed to further increase the national and international engagement and visibility and expand successful RCMB initiatives, through the dissemination of novel information, the education and mentoring of trainees and junior faculty, and the promotion of basic and translational research.

The majority of the activities are channeled through our member-driven committees and workshops outlined below. We invite you to get actively involved, please feel free to reach out to any of these individuals as well as me at any time and with any ideas! Your participation and ideas are important to us!

RCMB Program Committee - In charge of getting the best Science from RCMB Rachel L. Zemans, MD. (zemansr@med.umich.eduand Ana L. Mora, MD, Ph.D.(

RCMB Planning Committee - Sets the long-term strategy of the Assembly through the development and evaluation of specific projects driven by the scientific interests of our members.
Elizabeth F. Redente, PhD, ( and Stefanie Krick, MD, PhD ( Twitter: (

RCMB Website Committee -  Gets the latest news on the website, social media accounts, and generates the RCMB Newsletter, Podcasts, and Journal Clubs throughout the year!
Brian D. Southern, MD ( and Mark Snyder, MD ( Twitter: (

RCMB Nominating Committee - Responsible for nominating candidates for key positions within our Assembly.
Patricia Sime, MD ( Twitter: (

RCMB Early Career Professionals Working GroupSupports and fosters the success of Trainees and Junior Investigators by generating a variety of activities, including the Mentoring Program and Career Development Documents and Sessions.
Ciara Shaver, MD, PhD (

RCMB Innovation and Entrepreneurial Working Group - Enables and supports entrepreneurship in academic pulmonary medicine and research. 
Milica Vukmirovic, Ph.D. ( and Louise Hecker, Ph.D. (

Ph.D. and Basic Science Research Working Group and Science and Innovation Center (SIC) Group (RCMB Representative, Tom Mariani Ph.D ( and Co-Chair, Francesca Polverino, MD, PhD ( - Committed to fulfilling the needs of Ph.D. and Basic Science Researchers year around and at the Annual ATS Conference, such as participating in the Science and Innovation Center.

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