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Understanding PFT


Welcome Message

Thank you for joining us at the American Thoracic Society (ATS) Lung Disease Week, a forum designed to provide education and support for the millions of individuals living with respiratory, sleep-related, and critical care conditions. This week (March 24th - 30th) is focused on Understanding the fundamentals of PFT is essential for interpreting results accurately, making informed treatment decisions, and optimizing patient care.

In this dedicated week, you'll find a wealth of information designed to demystify Pulmonary Function Testing. Whether you're a patient seeking to comprehend your test results, a caregiver supporting a loved one, or a healthcare professional striving to enhance your expertise, our resources are tailored to meet your needs. Explore our articles to gain insights into the different types of PFT, the interpretation of results, common indications for testing, and much more. We aim to foster a deeper understanding of Pulmonary Function Testing, enabling individuals to navigate their respiratory health journey with confidence and clarity.

We are delighted you can join us for ATS Lung Disease Week ‘Understanding PFT” and invite you to participate in future ATS Lung Disease Weeks."


Joyce Kullman 
Executive Director
Vasculitis Foundation
Member, ATS Public Advisory Roundtable (PAR)


Hemang Yadev, M.B.B.S 
Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
Mayo Clinic


Lynn Fussner, M.D.
Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine
Assistant professor of clinical medicine


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