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A Critical Care Societies Collaborative Statement: Burnout Syndrome in Critical Care Health-care Professionals

What is Burnout Syndrome (BOS)?

Sleep and Physician Burnout Podcast

Burnout in the ICU Podcast

External Resources

American Academy Family Physicians (AAFP) Burnout Series
Includes perspective articles on burnout by Dike Drummond, author and speaker on physician burnout.

American College of Surgeons (ACS) Wellbeing Site
Offers a self-assessment tool and includes several links to ACS, ACGME, and AMA wellbeing resources.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)
Provides one-page general information on causes of clinician burnout and interventions to address burnout.

American Medical Association (AMA) Stepsforward Site
Offers modules tailored to physicians for clinical practice improvement, many of which apply directly to pulmonary & critical care medicine. Go to Professional Wellbeing for 5 CME-accredited modules related to resiliency, burnout, and Joy in Medicine.

Medscape Combating Physician Burnout Module
Provides statistics on burnout, information on how to identify burnout, and interventions one can take to address burnout (focusing primarily on personal interventions). Offers CME credit.

National Academy of Medicine
a comprehensive resource repository collated by the NAM, including white papers on wellbeing across medical disciplines.

New England Journal of Medicine Catalyst Leadership Talk Series
Includes a Leadership Talk by physician wellness expert Dr. Tait Shanafelt.

Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative
Designed to help clinicians achieve large-scale health transformation. Has supported 140,000 clinicians over 4 years in sharing, adapting, and developing comprehensive quality improvement strategies.