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Burnout in the ICU

Burnout is an increasly common phenomenon amongst healthcare providers. Critical care providers in particular have one of the highest rates of burnout, some estimates reaching over 50%. And burnout can lead to higher rates of job turnover, decreased patient satisfaction, and decreased quality of care. But one thing we know is that recognizing the signs and symptoms of burnout is an important first step in reducing it. This podcast is an open and candid discussion about recognizing the symptoms of burnout, validating the shared experiences of ICU providers, and hopefully breaking down some of the self-imposed stigma about asking for help.
In this podcast Dr. Elizabeth Sonntag, Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellow at University of North Carolina and member of the ATS Ethics and Conflict of Interest Committee interviews Dr. Tom Bice, Dr. Adam Schwartz, and Dr. Katherine Gill about their experiences with burnout.


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