RCMB Planning Committee

RCMB Assembly Project Proposal

RCMB assembly projects can be submitted by any ATS RCMB member.   Projects can include the development of official ATS documents and non-document projects. Document proposals are reviewed for scientific, clinical and educational merit by the Planning Committee and if applicable the Education Committee and Documents Committee. Non-document projects can include webcasts, conferences, meetings and any other project that does not result in a document.  Assembly project proposals submitted in July are reviewed and ranked by the RCMB Planning Committee in August.  The RCMB Planning Committee then provides written comments available to the applicants for review prior to final submission of the application to the ATS Program Review Sub-Committee in September. The expectation is that the proposal will be revised by the applicant according to the recommendations of the Planning Committee prior to submission to the Program Review Subcommittee.
Below are some suggestions for making a strong project proposal

  • Provide a deliverable product within the timeframe outlined in the project; whether it is a document, workshop or meeting.
  • For projects involving documents, review your proposal with the Documents Committee in advance.
  • Have a well-developed timeline
  • For workshops, develop a full agenda.
  • Partner with clinical groups or assemblies to appeal to a broader audience. A topic of interest to the broader membership will be received better than one with a narrow interest.
  • Collaborations with other societies are viewed positively, as are collaborations across institutions.
  • Include a good dissemination plan if relevant to the project.
  • Make sure to establish the feasibility of the project.
  • Budgets are scrutinized closely.
  • If the project applies to more than one assembly, make sure to include supported/commitment from all relevant assemblies.
  • Submit your project proposal or draft to the Planning Committee for early review. (http://www.thoracic.org/assemblies/rcmb/working-groups/planning-committee/index.php)
  • Form a working group to develop a project. Working Groups are approved by the Assembly Chair and the ATS will assist with conference calls and meetings during ATS.
  • ATS will help arrange conference calls to facilitate project development.
  • If you would like to submit a proposal and have questions about the process, please contact Miriam Rodriguez, Senior Director of Assemblies & Program Review Subcommittee at 212-315-8639 or by e-mail at: mrodriguez@thoracic.org

Project Year

Project Investigator

Project Title

Primary Assembly

Secondary Assembly


Christopher Slatore, MD

Evaluation of Pulmonary Nodules: An Agenda for Research and Implementation in Practice




Daniel Weiss, MD, PhD

Stem Cells and Cell Therapies in Lung Biology and Diseases




Eric White, MD

An Official Research Policy Statement of the ATS/ERS: Future Directions in Lung Fibrosis Research




Francis McCormack, MD