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Scientific Abstract Awards

Meet the 2022 Winners -  Sarah Commodore & Kathryn McCauley


Sarah Commodore is an assistant professor in the department of environmental and occupational health in the school of public health at Indiana University.

She received her doctorate in Toxicology from the University of Georgia under the supervision of Dr. Luke Naeher. She also completed her post-doctoral training at the Medical University of South Carolina with Drs. John Pearce and Kelly Hunt. Her research interests are in air quality, exposure assessment, environmental health, and health disparities.


Kathryn McCauley, MPH  is a biostatistician and bioinformatician at the University of California, San Francisco. She became smitten with understanding the role of microbes in human health during her Master’s of Public Health in Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of California, Berkeley. Soon after, she joined the lab of Dr. Sue Lynch at UCSF and has been having the time of her life harnessing sequencing technologies to interrogate microbes in a culture-independent manner. Her efforts in the field of allergy and asthma research leverage several different data types from both microbes and their human hosts to answer biological and clinical questions.


These awards are given in recognition of young investigators for their exceptional contribution to research submitted to the Assembly on Pediatrics.

Past Recipients of the Scientific Abstract Awards:


Nara Higano, PhD
Matthew Kielt, MD


Deepthi Alapati, MD, MS
Jonathan Gaffin, MD, MMSc


BreAnna Kinghorn, MD, MS
Benjamin Kopp, MD, MPH


Divya Chhabra, MD, MMSc
Erik Hsyinger, MD, MS


Arun Pradhan, PhD
Christian Rosas-Salazar, MD, MPH


Douglas Bush, MD
Anya McClaren, MD


Laura Walkup, PhD
Binoy Shivanna, MD, D.M.


Michelle Trivedi, MD
Chandra Mohen Reddy Tamatam, PhD


Laurie C. Eldredge, MD, PhD
Amjad Horani, MD


Takuji Suzuki MD, PhD
Alexander Lange, PhD


Lisa Burns, MD
Jessica Pittman, MD, MPH