Funds For the Future

Chair Theodore F. Reiss, MD, MBE, ATSF Cambridge, MA
Vice Chair Linda Nici, MD Providence, RI
Committee Member Anna Lam, MD Boston, MA
Committee Member Cedric J. Rutland, MD Lake Forest, CA
Committee Member Eric S. White, MD, MS, ATSF, FCCP Ridgefield, CT
Committee Member Gregory P. Downey, MD, ATSF, FRCP(C) Denver, CO
Committee Member Jennifer Trevor, MD Birmingham, AL
Committee Member John H. Hansen-Flaschen, MD, ATSF Philadelphia, PA
Committee Member - PAR Representative Kari L. Rosbeck Silver Spring, MD
Committee Member Nicholas S. Hill, MD Boston, MA
Committee Member Richard K. Murray, MD San Francisco, CA
Committee Member Timothy R. Watkins, MD, MSc Seattle, WA
Staff Michelle Turenne New York, NY

The ATS Funds for the Future Committee generates charitable funding support to advance the careers of talented individuals committed to basic, clinical and translational research and training of the next generation of health professionals. The Committee is comprised of ATS members and non-members who have an interest, commitment and/or professional experience in fundraising. Its goals are to cultivate fundraising both within and outside the Society’s membership, develop new approaches to fundraising and advance careers at all stages. The chair of the Funds For the Future Committee is a member of the ATS Board of Directors. The work of the Committee should help move the society’s future plans forward.

Benchmarks, 2021-2022:
• Complete Foundation financial review in collaboration with CFO in order to identify and simplify the Funds For the Future portfolio, ensuring simplicity and clarity of communication and fundraising, while ensuring that all funds raised are used as the donors intended.

• Develop new ATS membership engagement plan to increase donations and diversify the fundraising base; ATS PAR to be included in this effort.

• Engage with prior awardees.

• Develop and implement pilot partnerships with other philanthropic or business entities to expand the fundraising abilities of the ATS.

• Develop new pilot proposal and work to implement with ALA while collaborating with Executive staff on this initiative.

• Develop and implement a comprehensive communication plan, including funding mission, priorities, and gratefulness for giving;

• Complete and implement a strategy for health equity fundraising.