Mission Statement

Mission Statement

I. Name

The name of this Assembly shall be the American Thoracic Society Scientific Assembly on Respiratory Structure and Function.

II. Objectives

The mission of the RSF Assembly is to promote scientific excellence in the fields of respiratory physiology, biochemistry, anatomy, and molecular and cellular biology, both in health and disease. To accomplish this goal we seek to promote scholarly investigation and professional education in these fields, with an emphasis upon integrative approaches to acquiring new knowledge.

III. Scope

Specific topics of particular interest include:

  • Advances in pulmonary measurements, clinical and lab methodology/technology
  • Computational modeling
  • Lung imaging
  • Lung and airway remodeling
  • Mechanics of lungs, airways and cells
  • Airway secretions
  • Bronchial circulation
  • Heart-lung interaction
  • Bioengineering
  • Exercise sciences
  • Breathing in special environments
  • Tissue engineering/regenerative medicine
  • Respiratory muscle function
  • Plasticity of the respiratory system
  • Airway smooth muscle function
  • Mechanics, mechanotransduction and mechanobiology of pulmonary cells and tissues
  • ‘Omics/systems biology
  • Pulmonary gas exchange
  • Mechanics of the chest wall
  • Control of ventilation
  • Innervation of the respiratory system
  • Respiratory system anatomy and pathology