Journal Club

Journal Club

Please join us for the Webinar “COVID-19 Vaccines: The Evolving Policy Questions” sponsored by the Assembly on Pulmonary Infections and Tuberculosis (PI-TB) Vaccines and Immunization Working Group on Thursday, February 24th at 12:00 pm EDT via Zoom.

This webinar will be presented by Dr. Kathy Neuzil, the Myron M. Levine Professor in Vaccinology, Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics, and the Director of the Center for Vaccine Development and Global Health at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

The webinar and discussion will be hosted by our moderators:

Tobias Welte, MD, Hannover School of Medicine

Janet McCombs, PhD, Tulane School of Medicine

We will use a web-based platform, which allows real-time discussion both online and, on the phone, making this an interactive webinar. Please use a landline phone or VoIP for the call. In case you’re unable to attend live, the session will be recorded and posted on the ATS website.

You will need to register for the webinar to participate in the webinar. To reserve your Webinar seat today, click here. We invite your participation in this session and look forward to another insightful discussion.

The Assembly on Pulmonary Infection and Tuberculosis (PI-TB) invites ATS members interested in research pertaining to the pathogenesis, host response, diagnosis and management of lower respiratory tract infections to participate in our Journal Club series. The program emphasizes research addressing novel, controversial and timely issues. We host quarterly live webinar- and Twitter-based journal clubs with an emphasis on high-impact research from basic, translational, and clinical research perspectives. 

Each session features:

  • A summary of the journal article, typically by one of the article’s authors.
  • An interactive web-based platform, which allows real-time discussion both online and on the phone.  These platform allows for dynamic discussion and simultaneous questions.
  • Live Twitter discussions starting at the time of the journal club and continuing for 48 hours after the live session is complete. This allows busy clinicians and researchers an opportunity to participate, even if they cannot join during the live session. Please follow us at @ATS_PITB.

We invite you to participate in our journal club sessions. If you have any suggestions or questions about future journal clubs please contact:

Amali Samarasinghe 
Journal Club Coordinator

Chad Marion
Journal Club Coordinator

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