Officers and Committees

Officers & Committees


Assembly Chair Renda Soylemez Wiener, MD, MPH, ATSF Newton , MA

Program Committee

Chair Erin K. Kross, MD Seattle , WA
Chair-Elect Curtis H. Weiss, MD, MS Chicago , IL
Committee Member Andrea S. Gershon, MD, MSc, ATSF Toronto , Canada
Committee Member Andrea Arlene Pappalardo, MD Chicago , IL
Committee Member Anna Norweg, PhD, BS, MS New York , NY
Committee Member Ashley Anne Lowe, PhD, MSPH Tucson , AZ
Committee Member Avraham Cooper, MD Columbus , OH
Committee Member Crystal Elizabeth Brown, MD, MA Seattle , WA
Committee Member Diana Kelm, MD, ATSF Rochester , MN
Committee Member Eduardo Ramon Nunez, MD Easthampton , MA
Committee Member Kari R Gillmeyer, MD Natick , MA
Committee Member Kelly C. Vranas, MD, MSCR Lake Oswego , OR
Committee Member Laura J Spece, MD, MS Seattle , WA
Committee Member Logan J Harper, MD, MSCR Cleveland , OH
Committee Member Margaret M. Hayes, MD, ATSF Boston , MA
Committee Member Matthew F Griffith, MD, MPH Centennial , CO
Committee Member Matthew Franklin Mart, MD Nashville , TN
Committee Member Maureen George, PhD, RN Wyncote , PA
Committee Member Michelle Sharp, MD, MHS Baltimore , MD
Committee Member Nancy H Stewart, DO Kansas City , KS
Committee Member Rachel Kohn, MD, MSCE Philadelphia , PA
Committee Member Robert Ying-Fu Lee, MD, MS Seattle , WA
Committee Member Russell Buhr, MD, PhD Los Angeles , CA
Committee Member Ryan Perkins, MD Melrose , MA
Committee Member Soumya J Niranjan, PhD, MS, BPharm Birmingham , AL
Committee Member Stacey M. Kassutto, MD Bala Cynwyd , PA
Committee Member Sucharita R. Kher, MD Boston , MA
Committee Member Thomas Sebastian Valley, MD, MSc Ann Arbor , MI
Committee Member Valerie G Press, MD, MPH, ATSF Chicago , IL

Nominating Committee

Chair J. Daryl Thornton, MD, MPH, ATSF Cleveland , OH
Committee Member Michelle Eakin, PhD Baltimore , MD
Committee Member Minal R. Patel, PhD, MPH Ann Arbor , MI


Assembly Members on Other ATS Committees

Assembly on NUR Executive Committee

Planning Chair Deena Kelly Costa, PhD, RN Ann Arbor , MI

ATS Board of Directors Task Force on Governance

Chair James M. Beck, MD, ATSF Denver , CO
Committee Member Jakob I. Mcsparron, MD, ATSF Ann Arbor , MI
Committee Member Jennifer W. Mccallister, MD, ATSF Columbus , OH
Committee Member Jonna L. Morris, PhD, RN Pittsburgh , PA
Committee Member Siri Vaeth, MSW Palo Alto , CA

ATS Committee Chairs

Tobacco Action Committee
Hasmeena Kathuria, MD, ATSF Needham , MA
Health, Equity and Diversity Committee
Juan P. Wisnivesky, MD, DrPH Hastings on Hudson , NY
Training Committee
May M. Lee, MD, ATSF, FCCP, FACP Los Angeles , CA
Pulmonary Function Testing Committee
Meredith C. Mccormack, MHS, MD Towson , MD
International Health Committee
Samya Z. Nasr, MD, ATSF Ann Arbor , MI
Vice Chair
Tobacco Action Committee
Anne Catherine Melzer, MD, MS Minneapolis , MN
Vice Chair
Education Committee
Basak Coruh, ATSF, FCCP Seattle , WA
Vice Chair
International Health Committee
Richard N. Van Zyl Smit, MBChB, PhD, ATSF Cape Town , South Africa
Vice Chair
Members in Transition and Training
Sakshi Dua, ATSF, MBBS New York , NY
Vice Chair
Health Policy Committee
Sharron J. Crowder, PhD, RN, ATSF Fishers , IN

Board of Directors

Executive Director
Chief Executive Officer
Karen J. Collishaw New York , NY
Committee Member
CCR Chair
Manoj J. Mammen, FACP, ATSF Rochester , NY
Committee Member
Chair Assembly on BSHSR
Renda Soylemez Wiener, MD, MPH, ATSF Newton , MA

Health Equity and Diversity

Committee Member Aaron Dorian Baugh, MD San Francisco , CA
Committee Member Jamuna K. Krishnan, MD, MBA, MSc New York , NY

International Conference Committee

Committee Member
SRN Program Chair-Elect
Bharati Prasad, MD, ATSF Chicago , IL
Committee Member
BSHSRProgram Chair-Elect
Curtis H. Weiss, MD, MS Chicago , IL
Committee Member
BSHSR Program Chair
Erin K. Kross, MD Seattle , WA
Committee Member
NUR Program Chair-Elect
Jennifer Burgher Seaman, PhD, RN, CHPN Pittsburgh , PA
Committee Member
CC Program Chair-Elect
Lauren E Ferrante, MD, MHS, ATSF Guilford , CT
Committee Member
TO Program Chair
Nichole T. Tanner, MD, MSCR Charleston , SC
Committee Member
CP Program Chair-Elect
Nirupama Putcha, BA, MD Baltimore , MD
Committee Member
NUR Program Chair
Sharron J. Crowder, PhD, RN, ATSF Fishers , IN