Mentoring Program

AII Mentoring Program

"I enjoyed getting to connect with someone who is not only in the same field, but who has had experience just far enough beyond my level of training/experience to help provide useful and relevant advice, but had sufficient real world experience to provide credible and useful knowledge." - Amber Oberle, MD


  1. Provide an avenue for junior faculty and trainee participation and networking in the AII Assembly.
  2. Help with navigating the ATS Conference

Expectations for Mentors

  1. Introduce yourself and start a dialog with the assigned mentee by virtual or digital means. Mentorship can extend beyond the initial 30-minute virtual meeting if the mentor and mentee choose, but this is not mandatory. 
  2. Arrange a virtual meeting and advise on the mentee's short- and long-term goals and assist in strategizing to achieve these goals.
  3. Encourage mentees to attend the virtual AII Assembly Membership meeting and get involved!

Expectations for Mentees

  1. Introduce yourself and start a dialog with your assigned mentor by virtual or digital means.
  2. Arrange for a digital/virtual meeting at a time that works for both. Be proactive about communication, while being considerate of your mentor's time.
  3. Mentees should identify their specific developmental needs and goals prior to the meeting.

If you would like to participate in our mentoring program, sign up below. Please note that our mentoring program is currently virtual.