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MECOR Research Awards



Key Dates:

Application Open: TBC

Application Deadline: TBC

Award Announcement: TBC

Link to Apply: CLOSED

MECOR Award Eligibility:

  • Must be graduates of the ATS MECOR Program (Levels 1, 2, or 3)
  • Must be employed at a research/academic/governmental institution/agency in applicant's country, or be able to demonstrate that the applicant will be employed at such an institution at the time the award is granted

MECOR Award Amount:

MECOR Research Awards offer funding based on progress through the MECOR Program. The following award amounts are available:

Level 1 Completion: $2,500
Level 2 Completion: $5,000
Level 3 Completion: $10,000

If you have questions about eligibility or the application process, please contact ATS Global Health Manager, Jadir Oliveira. If you have questions about your proposal, please contact your MECOR faculty mentor.

Instructions for Applying


Please note that after you submit your application it will be reviewed by ATS staff. If there are any problems or if these guidelines have not been followed, your proposal will be un-submitted. Please make sure that you check your email after you submit your application so that any outstanding issues may be addressed as quickly as possible.


  • Educational background: information about your educational background for up to four institutions
  • Name of the institution
  • Dates that you studied or trained there
  • Degree awarded
  • Major field of study at that institution
  • Positions and Honors: list current and previous positions and any honors received
  • Peer-Reviewed Publications: list publications from most recent to least recent
  • Research Support: list ongoing and completed research projects for the past three years
  • Personal Statement: briefly describe why your experience and qualifications make you particularly well-suited for your role as principal investigator in the submitted project


Please include the following sections in your research plan.

1. Clearly stated and answerable research question in Population Exposure Comparator Outcome / Population
Intervention Comparator Outcome format.
2. Background and rationale. Please use the FINER criteria (Feasible; Interesting; Novel; Ethical; and Relevant) to justify the research question. For the “Relevant” criterion, please explain how answering this research question will lead to improved outcomes for people with respiratory, sleep or critical illness in low and middle-income countries (particularly in your own country).
3. Describe the study design (Cross-sectional; Cohort; Case-control; RCT). Explain why you have selected this study design, compared to the other options.
4. Describe the selection and recruitment of the study population. Explain how you will reduce the risk of selection bias.
5. Describe how study exposures, outcomes, and covariates will be measured. Describe the validity of measures, and provide references, if available.
6. Describe and justify the sample size. Explain why the sample size is feasible for you.
7. Describe how the data will be analyzed.
8. Discuss the relevant ethical issues.
9. Describe the procedures being taken to ensure quality assurance.
10. How will you propose to use this funding to obtain further or future funding?
11. Describe the timetable for implementation of various stages of the project over a 1 year project period (date of
award to completion of all project activities). Explain the feasibility of completing each stage within the timeline
you have proposed.
12. Include relevant references.


Please complete the budget form available on the research program website. Please note: indirect costs are not
permitted on ATS Grants.


No page limit. List citations by number in the order in which they appear in the text. Use the following format shown below (“New England Journal of Medicine” style in EndNote and “Annals of Internal Medicine” in Reference Manager).

1. Kajikawa O, Frevert CW, Lin SM, Goodman RB, Mongovin SM, Wong V, Ballman K, Daubeuf B, Elson G, Martin TR. Gene expression of toll-like receptor-2, toll-like receptor-4 and MD2 is differentially regulated in rabbits
with Escherichia coli pneumonia. Gene 2005;3:193-202.

2. Altemeier WA, Matute-Bello G, Frevert CW, Kawata Y, Kajikawa O, Martin TR, Glenny RW. Mechanical ventilation
with moderate tidal volumes synergistically increases lung cytokine response to systemic endotoxin. Am J Physiol
Lung Cell Mol Physiol 2004;164:1949-1958.


You are responsible for uploading a letter of support from your mentor in your application on the Foundant Technologies Website. The letter of support is due at the full application deadline.


After you submit your application it will be reviewed by Global Health staff and members of the International Health Committee and MECOR Steering Committee. Written feedback will be provided to all applicants.