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Work/Life Balance in Academia: Having the difficult conversation

We can all relate to having some form of difficult, challenging or uncomfortable conversation in the work place; and academia is no exception. We naturally avoid tackling these difficult situations due to fear. Maybe you dread your inevitable performance review, or one of your colleagues is questioning your experimental methods. A difficult conversation may take many guises but most importantly it is where emotions and information must be handled in a way that resolves the issue in a straight forward manner while maintaining an aware state of mind surrounding the needs of the individuals in the conversation.

In this episode, we are joined once again by renowned author Jae Ellard. Jae has taught in over 50 countries to employees at multinational corporations such as Microsoft, Amazon and Expedia. An author of seven books on the topic, she is a columnist on workplace awareness and contributes to healthy living sections and blogs. In 2008, Jae founded Simple Intentions and developed the Mindful Life™ Program to generate intentional conversations to disrupt patterns and create awareness, accountability and action at team and individual levels. Jae offers some great advice on how to handle difficult conversations at work with simple, easy to follow tips.

Dr Christopher Philp received his PhD in Respiratory Medicine from The University of Nottingham's Division of Respiratory Medicine in the School of Medicine. Currently he is a post-doctoral research fellow at the Division of Respiratory Medicine examining the mechanisms of smooth muscle dysfunction in asthma through mathematical modelling, along with phenotyping of protease mediated lung destruction in COPD. 



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