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Adult Learning Theories and Active Learning Modalities

This podcast is a two-part series on Adult Learning and Active Learning. Deepak Pradhan, MD, FCCP interviews Adina Kalet, MD, MPH, Professor of Surgery and Medicine at New York University, and renowned medical education expert.

Myths and Realities of Adult Learning: A Conversation with Adina Kalet (Part 1)

In this first part we discuss adult learning theories, highlighting some of the myths and realities surrounding our understanding of this learner group. Are adults really a separate learner group? Can "old dogs" be taught new tricks? How can we use knowledge of how adults learn to be more successful teachers? If adults learn by self-directed means, what is the role of the teacher in this process? Can we use adult learning theories to better engage our patients? How does race and gender apply to adult learning theories?

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Overview of Active Learning Modalities: Insights from Adina Kalet (Part 2)

In this second part we discuss active learning modalities that can be utilized for the adult learner. This is an overview piece that sets the stage for Adina to share her insights into the benefits and pitfalls of differentactive modalities. What is active learning? Is one modality superior to another? Should we flip all the classrooms? Is lecture format dead? How do you bring the active to large group teaching? Where can individual educators turn to for help with educational design? Does active learning result in better knowledge retention and better patient care, i.e. better outcomes?

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