Lung Disease Week at the ATS - 2019 Calendar

Lung Disease Week at the ATS 2019

Throughout 2019, the ATS Public Advisory Roundtable (PAR) is hosting its ninth annual "Lung Disease Week at the ATS" series, a society-wide initiative that recognizes the many rare lung disorders for which ATS PAR member organizations provide support and guidance to patients and their families. For a series of one-week periods, ATS PAR brings patient issues to the front and center of the Society's agenda. Working with its PAR partners, the ATS develops, aggregates, and hosts links to disease-specific content on its web site.

Feb 3-9 — Nontuberculous Mycobacteria

PAR Member — Susan Wisliceny (NTM Info & Research)
ATS Leader — Kristina Crothers, MD

Feb 17-22 — chILD

PAR Member — Greg Porta (chILD Foundation)
ATS Leader — Paul Moore, MD

Mar 10-16 — Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

PAR Member — Kari Rosbeck (TS Alliance)
ATS Leader — Ganesh Raghu, MD/Lawrence Ho, MD

Mar 31-Apr 6 —Sarcoidosis

PAR Member — Ginger Spitzer (Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research)
ATS Leader — Melanie Koenigshoff, MD

Apr 21-27—Hermansky Pudlak Syndrome*

PAR Member — Donna Appell (HPS Network)
ATS Leader — Jay Kolls, MD/Lisa Young, MD

Jun 9-15 —Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM)

PAR Member — Mary Harbaugh (LAM Foundation)
ATS Leader — Meilan Han, MD

Jun 23-29—Scleroderma

PAR Member — Kerri Connolly (Scleroderma Foundation)
ATS Leader — Eric White, MD

Aug 4-10—Sleep Disorders

PAR Member — Julie Flygare (Project Sleep)
ATS Leader — Sanjay Patel, MD

Aug 18-24 — Asthma/Allergy*

PAR Member — Tonya Winders (Allergy & Asthma Network)
ATS Leader — Gwen Skloot, MD

Sep 8-14—Lung Transplant

PAR Member — Jeff Goldstein (Lung Transplant Foundation) ATS Leader — Debra Boyer, MD

Sep 22-28 —Pulmonary Fibrosis

PAR Member — Jennifer Mefford (Pulm. Fibrosis Foundation) ATS Leader — Beth Moore, PhD

Oct 6-12—Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia*

PAR Member — Michele Manion (PCD Foundation)
ATS Leader — Jeremy Richards, MD

Nov 10-16—ARDS*

PAR Member — Susan East (ARDS Foundation)
ATS Leader — Lynn Schnapp, MD

* Will also include an in-the-field patient education day event

For more information on Lung Disease Week at the ATS, please contact Courtney L. White, CAE, Director of Patient Outreach & Tobacco Control at cwhite@thoracic.org or (212) 315-8640.