Sleep Related Questionnaires


Name of questionnaire OSA50
Type of questionnaire-description,age Screening for  obstructive sleep apnea
Number of items 4 questions
Number of domains & categories Not applicable
Name of categories/domains   Not applicable
Scaling of items 0-3 and 0-2
Scoring available: with permission or free Use with permission
Scoring test-retest reliability Correlations not reported
Scoring Internal consistency Not reported
Validity Yes, compared with a general health questionnaire, Epworth Sleepiness Scale, Berlin questionnaire, STOP-BANG, P-SAP, DES-OSA
Language English
Translations in other languages (if yes, then list the languages) Not applicable
Developer name Chai-Coetzer C, MD et al, Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health, Repatriation General Hospital, Daws Road, Daw Park South Australia 5041, Australia
Developer contact information
Availability of questionnaire: needs permission from developer, cost or freely available Permission needed for use
Limitations Pregnant women, patients with significant cognitive impairment, a poorly controlled psychiatric disorder or who had previously received treatment for OSA were excluded and cannot be used in these populations.
Link to the questionnaire (if available) Figure 2 of the original reference;  used with permission
Other comments Short questionnaire for screening. Validated for diagnosis of sleep apnea using a portable monitoring device. A sensitivity of 97% and specificity of 87% in the development group, and a sensitivity of 88%,  Specificity of 82%  in the validation group was reported.
References (original publication) Chai-Coetzer CL, Antic NA, Rowland LS, Catcheside PG, Esterman A, Reed RL, Williams H, Dunn S, McEvoy RDThorax. 2011 Mar;66(3):213-9
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