Mentoring Program

RSF Mentoring Program

"This program provides one of the best venues to connect established investigators with junior, upcoming researchers. It makes ATS a more integrated and stronger community." - Quan Lu, PhD


  1. Support junior faculty and trainees through individualized mentorship.
  2. Increase junior faculty and trainee participation in the RSF Assembly.

Expectations for Mentors

  1. Introduce yourself and begin communicating with the assigned mentee by virtual or digital means. Email curriculum vitae to the mentee.
  2. Identify goals for the relationship.
  3. Arrange a virtual meeting and advise on the mentee's short- and long-term goals and assist in strategizing to achieve these goals.
  4. Encourage mentees to attend the virtual RSF Assembly Membership meeting and get involved!

Expectations for Mentees

  1. Introduce yourself and start a dialog with your assigned mentor by virtual or digital means. Email curriculum vitae to mentor.
  2. Share short and long-term personal goals with the mentor.
  3. Be specific about expectations for the relationship.
  4. Work with Mentor to identify and agree on goals for the relationship.
  5. Arrange for a digital/virtual meeting at a time that works for both. Be proactive about communication, while being considerate of your mentor's time.
  6. Individual mentor-mentee partnerships should decide if it will be beneficial to maintain this relationship beyond the formal goals of this program.

Please note that each mentor-mentee pair is unique and based on each person's experience, personality, and professional development track, not all mentoring relationships will develop the same working dynamics.

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