Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeship Program

Overarching Goals of the Apprenticeship Program

The Behavioral Science and Health Services Research (BSHSR) Assembly’s Apprenticeship Program is designed to provide early career Assembly members with an opportunity to be directly involved in guiding the future of ATS. For the purposes of this application, we define “early career” as senior fellows or faculty no more than 3 years from fellowship. Apprentices may serve with either the Program or Planning Committee (descriptions below). Under the mentorship of a committee member, Apprentices will get a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the operations of their Assembly while developing skills for evaluation of committee applications and development of committee projects. This will provide important networking opportunities with current Committee members. Committee Apprentices may have the opportunity to ‘graduate’ into full Committee membership in the year following Apprenticeship.

 Description of Program Committee

The Program Committee organizes the Assembly content for the International Conference.

Program Committee Apprentices participate in the process of designing the International Conference content, learning to evaluate abstract submissions and program Conference sessions.

 Description of Planning Committee

The Planning Committee is charged with shaping the long-term strategy of the assembly, generally through soliciting and sponsoring projects including clinical practice guidelines, position papers, and workshops benefitting the Assembly. 

Planning Committee Apprentices will learn to provide evaluations and reviews of Committee project applications. Apprentices may have the opportunity to assist with the development of accepted project proposals.

Application Review Criteria

Applications for the BSHSR Apprenticeship Program will be reviewed by the Early Career Professionals Working Group based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstration of a strong interest in a career in academic medicine
  • Demonstration of a strong interest in making scholarly contributions including research or medical education
  • ATS attendance and/or abstract submission
  • Applicant is self-motivated and can state how this apprenticeship will help them to meet their career goals
  • Applicant embraces and/or adds to the diversity of the ATS leadership