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2015 ATS Abstract Scholarship Award Recipients

These Abstract Scholarship Awards have been funded by the American Thoracic Society

Michael C. Peters, MD
University of California, San Francisco
Abstract Title: "IL-6 High" Asthma, a New Asthma Endotype Characterized by Severe Disease and Neutrophilia

Julie Gunnells Ledford, PhD
University of Arizona
Abstract Title: Genetic Variation in Surfactant Protein-A2 Leads to Differential Regulation of Eosinophil Activities and More Pronounced Eosinophilia in Asthmatics

Vera Nezgovorova, MD
Yale University
Abstract Title: Sputum Expression of IL-13Rα2 Correlates with Airway Remodeling and Th2 Inflammation in Asthma

Russell S. Traister, MD, PhD
University of Pittsburgh
Abstract Title: Mechanisms for the Genetic Association Between IL1RL1 and Human Asthma

Josiah Radder, BSc
University of Pittsburgh
Abstract Title: Integrated Mouse and Human Genome-Wide Scans Identify ABI3BP as a Novel Candidate Gene Associated with COPD

Elizabeth Oczypok, BSc
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Abstract Title: Pulmonary Receptor for Advanced Glycation End Products (RAGE) Mediates Lung-Specific Recruitment of Group 2 Innate Lymphoid Cells in Allergic Airway Inflammation

David G. Mummy, BA, MBA
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Abstract Title: Magnetic Resonance Image-Guided Bronchoscopic Sampling in Asthma Indicates Increased Levels of Granulocytes in Areas of Hyperpolarized 3He Ventilation Defect Compared with Control Sites

Michael McGeachie, PhD
Brigham and Womens Hospital
Abstract Title: Lipidomics and Integrative 'Omics' of Asthma Control: A Systems Genetics Approach

Hanbo Hu, MD
University of Florida
Abstract Title: Alpha 1-Antitrypsin Attenuates Acute Injury Leading to Prolonged Allograft Survival in a Rat Model of Lung Transplantation

Amanda Croasdell, MS
University of Rochester
Abstract Title: Resolvins Act Therapeutically to Promote a Pro-Resolving Phenotype in Human Macrophages

Adel El Boueiz, MD
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Abstract Title: A Genome-Wide Association Study to Identify Genetic Determinants of Pulmonary Vascular Remodeling in COPD

Agnieszka Rynda-Apple, PhD
Microbiology and Immunology
Abstract Title: Type I IFN Signaling Induced by Recognition of Viral Capsid Regulates Susceptibility to Bacterial Superinfection

Joseph S. Bednash, MD
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Abstract Title: NALP7 Protein Expression is Regulated by Ubiquitination in Response to LPS in Human Monocytes

Sade M. Bell, BSc
Duke University Medical Center
Abstract Title: The Role of Soluble and Insoluble Gastric Fluid Components in the Pathogenesis of Obliterative Bronchiolitis in Rat Lung Allografts

Juliana Sesma, PhD
University of North Carolina
Abstract Title: Blockage of the P2Y14-Receptor Inhibits Neutrophil Infiltration in Chronic Lung Diseases

Pius Ochieng, MD
St Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital
Abstract Title: Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B Negatively Regulates S100A9 Mediated Apoptosis During Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection

Niki Ubags, MSc
Maastricht University
Abstract Title: Non-Obese Hyperleptinemia Impairs the Pulmonary Innate Immune Response

Amandine Vargas, PhD
Université de Montréal
Abstract Title: Neutrophil-Derived Exosomes: A New Mechanism Possibly Contributing to Airway Smooth Muscle Remodeling

Yohei Yatagai, MD
University of Tsukuba
Abstract Title: Genome-Wide Association Study for Late-Onset Asthma Demonstrates Possible Association with a Gene Related to Diffuse Panbronchiolitis

Susanne Vijverberg, PhD
Utrecht University
Abstract Title: Asthmatic Children that Are Uncontrolled Despite Inhaled Corticosteroids Have a Distinct Breathprint (The PACMAN2 Study)

Premkumar Siddhuraj, MSc
Lund University
Abstract Title: Mast Cells as a Major Source for IL-17A in Airway Inflammation

Satoshi Watanabe, MD
Kanazawa University Graduate School of Medicine
Abstract Title: Imatinib Attenuates Bronchiolitis Obliterans via Inhibition of Fibrocytes in a Mouse Model of Heterotopic Tracheal Transplantation

Prasad Nagakumar, MBBS
Royal Brompton NHS Trust
Abstract Title: Type 2 Innate Lymphoid Cells Are Increased in BAL and Induced Sputum But not Blood in Children with Severe Therapy Resistant Asthma (STRA)

Hirofumi Kamata, MD, PhD
Boston University School of Medicine
Abstract Title: Secreted and Transmembrane 1a (Sectm1a) from Pulmonary Epithelial Cells Enhances Phagocyte Recruitment During Pneumonia

This Abstract Scholarship has been funded by a generous donation from ATS Public Advisory Roundtable member - Lung Transplant Foundation 

Thea N. Golden, PharmD
Rutgers University
Abstract Title: Phenotype of Recruited and Resident Macrophages in Response to Acute Lung Injury: A Cell-Specific Role for iNOS

These Abstract Scholarship Awards have been funded by a generous donataion from ATS Public Advisory Roundtable member - Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research

Erik L. Clarke, BS
University of Pennsylvania
Abstract Title: Metagenomic Analysis of Microbial Sequences in Specimens from Patients with Sarcoidosis and Controls

Mehdi Mirsaeidi, MD, MPH
University of Illinois at Chicago
Abstract Title: Plasma Metabolomic Profile in Pulmonary Fibrosing Sarcoidosis 

This Abstract Scholarship Awards has been funded by a generous donataion from the National Emphysema Foundation, in Memory of Sreedhar Nair, MD, FACP, FCCP

Utako Fujii, MD
Okayama University Graduate School of Medicine
Abstract Title: Importance of IL-23 to the Development of Elastase-Induced Pulmonary Inflammation and Emphysema