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ATS Statement Regarding Jan. 6, 2021 Riots at the U.S. Capitol

While peaceful protests are part of a healthy democracy, violence is never justifiable. On a day when America watched in shock as rioters stormed our nation’s Capitol, the U.S. hit a different shocking landmark – 3,915 people died on Wednesday from COVID-19, a record high for the United States. Moreover, 252,000 new cases of COVID-19 were reported. Sadly, more peak days of deaths due to COVID-19 are likely in our immediate future. For the sake of patients, frontline workers, and all Americans, the ATS calls on all elected officials to do everything in their power to ensure a swift, orderly, and peaceful transition of power to President-Elect Biden. Any delay or further confusion erodes our democracy and hinders our ability to mount a vigorous and appropriate response to the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, including rigorous adherence to effective public health measures while awaiting implementation of a fully comprehensive nationwide vaccination campaign.

Juan C. Celedón, MD, DrPH, ATSF, President
Lynn M. Schnapp, MD, ATSF, Incoming President
James M. Beck, MD, ATSF, Immediate Past President
Gregory P. Downey, MD, ATSF, Vice President
M. Patricia Rivera, MD, ATSF, Secretary-Treasurer
Karen Collishaw, MPP, CAE, Executive Director