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Member Reflections on COVID-19

In late 2020, the ATS put out a call for COVID-19 stories from our members. The call was meant to be open, so members could share anything from lessons learned to narratives about their experience. Read their stories below.


A Silver Lining in the Cloud of COVID-19: Musings During a COVID-19 Posting!
Venkatesh Chandrasekaran, DNB; Shanmugam Gurusamy, MD


Fighting Coronavirus: Behind the Mask of a Young Doctor
(originally published by Doximity) Mansi Chaturvedi, MD


Graveson Family Story: Two Teens on ECMO (video)
Submitted by Heidi Dalton, MD


Finding Resiliency During COVID-19
Aliva De, MD


A “Need of the Hour” Approach for COVID-19 Clinical Home Monitoring and ICU admissions
Tamseela M. Hussain and Iqbal Hussain


The Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Junior Physicians
Dipan Karmali, MD; Justin Chu J, MD; Sally Suliman, MD


COVID-19 Diaries Part Two
(full blog available Rizwana Khan, MD


Observations from "Seeing" Patients on the Other Side of the Phone
(originally published on Sucharita Kher, MD


COVID-19 Challenges at Work and Home
Rajapriya Manickam, MD


Combating Loneliness in COVID-19 Patients
Catherine N. Myers MD, Matthew Zheng MD, and Erin Narewski, DO


The Daily COVID-19 Clinical Huddle:  Hope in a Time of ‘No Consults’
Anjali A. Nigalaye, MD, MBA


Oh Lord- Please Don’t Let Me Have It! 
Lexley M. Pinto Pereira, MD


COVIDaptation: Career Survival During COVID-19 – Bench Scientists “Working from Home”
Amali Samarasinghe, PhD; Kim LeMessurier, PhD; Sofia Kim; Monique Payton; Angie Cooper; Meenakshi Tiwary PhD, MSc; Nick Morin, MD, PhD; Sanjana Kosuri


My Seven Days with COVID-19: A Week in the Life of a Fellow Fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic Chayanon Songsomboon, MD; Detajin Junhasavasdikul, MD


Beyond Professional Familiarity: When COVID-19 Impacts Family 
Roberto Swazo, MD


Living with Risk of COVID-19 as a Lung Cancer Survivor 
Joan Wolfenden, patient